online test zelfkennis, self-knowledge test

"A unique test to discover your professional drives
and compare them with others."

Do you have sufficient self-knowledge ?

The NWS-test determines how strong your drives are compared to all other professionals in the database. When you can predict correctly in which zone your scores will be, you receive the full report free !

Score zones:

LOW: your drive is weaker than 80% of the professionals.
AVERAGE : the strength of your drive is not LOW and not HIGH.
HIGH: your drive is stronger than 80% of the professionals.


Drive Description Low - Average - High
Attention The desire to be the focal point of attention; to be noticed.                  
Autonomy The desire to be independent from others.                  
Dominance The desire to control others and situations.                  
Sense of duty The desire to fulfil one's 'duty' and 'do the right thing'.                  
Approval The desire to be accepted.                  
Understanding The desire to discover new things/ideas.                  
Avoiding bad experiences The desire to avoid having any fear.                  
Performance The desire to get results.                  
Fight The desire to hold one's own with others.                  
Care The desire to take care of others.                  
Click on the button "do the test" hereunder to start the test.
If at the end of the test your self-score for all 10 NWS-drives was correct, then you receive your detailed report FREE.

If your self-score was not completely correct, you will have the option (no obligation) to purchase your detailed report for 50 Euro (VAT included).